Promotion: Jesse Oman

ORT logo with image of Jesse Oman.

Effective June 1, 2020, Jesse Oman, Senior Vice President, ORNTIC, Chief Technology Officer, was promoted to Chief Information Officer (CIO) for the Old Republic Title Insurance Group, appointed Executive Vice President and joined the Executive Leadership Team. As CIO, he leads our Information Services (IS) organizations and continues to report to me.

In his new role as CIO, Jesse is responsible for all internal IS personnel, policies, objectives and business plans, as well as oversight of Old Republic Title Tech Companies, including: eRecording Partners Network (ePN), iMarc (E-Closing), RamQuest Software and Pavaso. He continues to be part of Old Republic Title’s internal Governance Solutions Steering Team (GSST) that concentrates on the consistent alignment of all the Company’s digital products and solutions.

“Jesse has a unique skillset that allows him to seamlessly traverse issues involving technology, business, organization and interpersonal dynamics with equal insight. I have every confidence that his passion and skill in business and technology, as well as his management approach with employees, will continue to be a great benefit to the entire Old Republic Title organization,” says Carolyn Monroe, President, Old Republic National Title Holding Company.

Jesse joined ORT as Director of Business Engagement in IS in October 2017, responsible for the application and project side of information technology. In May 2019, he was promoted to Chief Technology Officer to focus on the management and delivery of external, customer and client-facing technologies with oversight of the software companies, Application Development, Project Management, Enterprise Architecture, Data & Reporting, and Business Unit Engagement.

Prior to joining Old Republic Title, Jesse worked in technology leadership in the investment and financial services industry in Chicago from 1999 to 2008. He then joined a specialty healthcare organization, which allowed him to return to Minnesota and reconnect with his family, while enjoying the challenge of being part of a different industry and a turn-around. In 2012, he joined the State of Minnesota IT Services in St. Paul, where he worked for several years and became the Chief Technology Officer before returning to the private sector when he joined Old Republic Title.

Jesse earned his master’s degree in Information Systems, Software Engineering at DePaul University in Chicago, and his executive certificate in Business Administration from the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, IN. He completed a post-graduate computer career program in structural programming and system analysis at DePaul University. His undergraduate degree is in biochemistry and psychology from Knox College in Galesburg, IL.

He can be reached at