ORSS Products and Services

  • Centralized Title Services

    Centralized Title Services

    Old Republic Servicing Solutions (ORSS) provides comprehensive title reports and corresponding title insurance to support the management of your loan portfolio, along with the transfer of title during the sale or foreclosure of property. Our uninsured property information reports are inclusive and detail current liens, encumbrances, tax liabilities and judgements. Our process utilizes a centralized platform and leverages an extensive national network, offering a complete fulfillment package for all your title-related transactions. Adhering to state-specific laws and requirements, our end-to-end solutions are tailored for even the most complex scenarios.

    Through centralized order placement, management and tracking, our products and services include:

    • Ownership and Encumbrance (O&E)
    • Two Owner Search
    • Full Search
    • ALTA Mortgage Modification Policy (MMP)
    • Loan Modification Stand Alone Endorsement (SAE)
    • Traditional Title / ALTA Loan Policy
    • Deed in Lieu Services
    • National Recording Services
    • Trustee Sale Guarantee (TSG)
    • Litigation Guarantees
  • Valuations


    Old Republic Servicing Solutions (ORSS) understands the importance of an accurate valuation to provide transparency into your loan portfolio. Utilizing our nationwide network of licensed real estate professionals and appraisers, we offer customized services for both residential and commercial properties, with thorough quality control oversight by licensed appraisers. Our product offerings can be utilized by servicers, investors, lenders and other professionals.

    Our services include:

    • Secure bi-directional system interface for order entry and delivery
    • 24/7 access to all data/reports
    • 100% quality control
    • Customizable reporting
    • Rush services available

    Our products include:

    • Broker Price Opinion / Comparative Market Analysis (BPO/CMA)
    • Appraisal
    • Reconciled Market Value (RMV)
    • Property Desktop Analysis (PDA)
    • Property Valuation Analysis (PVA)
    • Property Inspection Condition Report (PICR)
  • Collateral Integrity Services

    Collateral Integrity Services

    Old Republic Servicing Solutions (ORSS) provides Collateral Integrity Services (CIS) designed to assist clients with performing and non-performing loans. We provide effective solutions for data integrity through our full suite of products and services for title, asset valuations and collateral repair.

    CIS offers a single point of contact and customized solutions for each client, as well as the following products and services:

    Collateral Products and Services

    • Property Search
    • ALTA Policy
    • Assignment Search Report
    • Document Retrieval Services
    • Accommodation Recording Services
    • Risk Evaluation Report (REV Report)
    • Replacement Title Insurance Policy
    • Tax Status Report (TSR)

    Asset Valuation Products

    • Broker Asset Valuation Products (BPO)
    • Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)
    • Reconciled Market Value (RMV)
    • Property Appraisals
    • Property Desktop Analysis (PDA)

    Collateral Repair

    • Assignment Preparation
    • Intervening Assignment Research, Preparation and Execution
    • Allonge Preparation
    • Collateral Inventory and Exception Reports
    • Missing Title Policy Search
    • Corrective Policy Research
  • REO Asset Management

    REO Asset Management

    Old Republic Servicing Solutions (ORSS) offers a complete, nationwide, end-to-end solution for the management and disposition of residential Real Estate Owned (REO) properties. Our functional knowledge and experience, combined with our comprehensive network of resources, ensure our customers receive the best service for every transaction,

    Our Residential REO services include:

    • Complete property management and preservation
    • Administration and negotiation of relocation assistance and unlawful detainer efforts
    • A detailed marketing plan for each asset
    • Administration of bill payment activities for each property
    • Residential valuations/appraisals
    • Home Owners Association (HOA) negotiations
    • Full negotiation of all offers through purchase
    • Experienced title curative specialists to assist in title resolution and closings