Promotion: Susan Yost

Old Republic Title is pleased to announce that Susan Yost has been appointed Executive Vice President of Old Republic National Title Insurance Company and promoted to Chief Human Resources Officer.

Susan joined Old Republic Title as Senior Vice President of Old Republic National Title Insurance Company, in Human Resources, in June 2022. In that role, her responsibilities included overseeing the Company’s new HRIS system and working to align HR for all companies in the Old Republic Title Insurance Group.

As Chief Human Resources Officer, Susan will oversee all HR functions and staff, as well as focus on building a foundation for new leadership and talent development programs at Old Republic Title. She also will develop strategies for strengthening internal recruiting and the partnership between Human Resources and the business.

“We value Susan’s insight as we continue to refine HRIS capabilities with Workday, and advance ongoing career development and training opportunities for employees,” says Carolyn Monroe, President and CEO. “She is committed to empowering our employees' growth, which is central in building engagement and retention for the future.”

Prior to joining our Company, Susan was Executive Vice President, Human Resources at an IT consulting technology firm. She is a graduate of the University of Michigan, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in mathematics and history. Her other credentials include: a Master’s in Business Administration degree from the University of Minnesota and a Senior Professional in Human Resources certification from the Human Resources Certification Institute.

Susan is based in Old Republic Title’s Minnetonka, Minnesota, office and can be reached at